You look like you’re going to the stables later.

I was going to title this post, “I looked fantastic on Tuesday.” But then a co-worker gave me this much more colorful interpretation of my ensemble: “You look like you’re going to the stables later.”

“Thank you….?”

“…I mean, to ride the horses, not to muck them out,” he continued.

From top to bottom:

  • Black and white jockey cap, Orchid Lane, fall 2007. OK, fine, yes, this is called a jockey cap. The week after I purchased this hat, I saw one just like it in Glamour. For way more than $15. Then, just two weeks ago, I was wearing it around Oxford, and I saw another similar hat for sale in Debenham’s, right now, this year! So either it’s a classic, or it’s a short-lived trend that has already come and gone and come around again.
  • Black blazer, DKNY Jeans, gift from my mother-in-law ca. 2012. OK, there’s something wrong with this blazer. The shoulders are somehow too short (and my shoulders are not broad). I wonder if the shoulder pads were sewn in after the fact, and the jacket wasn’t really cut for them? On the other hand, the sleeves are too long. I rolled them up here to disguise the way the whole thing really doesn’t fit. But, it’s a stretchy black blazer and from far away it looks polished, so I’m going to try to make it work.
  • Dress, Ann Taylor Loft, purchased on clearance October 2013. I bought this dress while shopping with my teenage cousins and non-teenage grandma in Denver this fall. It was marked down from around $90 to around $45, but I’m still not convinced I wasn’t swindled. You see, on the day we were there, clearance items were supposed to be an additional 50% off. I took the dress to the register expecting it to be $22, but it rang up as $45. And then I got flustered and assumed I had misunderstood the sale and didn’t pursue it, although I clearly should have. My grandma bought a dress for my cousin at Urban Outfitters that was the same deal–50% off the sale price–and hers actually came out to $9. Of course, it probably didn’t hurt, that she was sweet-talking the guy at the register, the little minx. (My cousin! Not my grandma!) Apparently I am too old for my grandma to buy me clothes, too old to flirt with adolescent cashiers. All I have left is elegant work attire. And so I shall embrace it.
  • Black tights, Meijer or maybe Target 2013. You might recall that at the start of this season I had four pairs of black tights. Somehow I’ve already destroyed two of them.
  • Black BareTraps ankle boots, DSW fall 2012.
Photo on 11-19-13 at 8.28 AM #2

I bought these earrings at ArtFair 2009 to wear at my wedding. I came back to work after lunch wearing them and my boss at the time said, “Those are new? They look like the ones you had before.” (What? Which ones?). They are very heavy and I didn’t end up wearing them for the wedding.


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