Please sir, I want some more

How to hide the blues on a dreary November day? 1) Fall back on favorite colors 2) Add accessories as a memento Marley: no matter how bleak it might be outside, at least you’re not a character in a Dickens novel:

  • Purple corduroy cap, Bitten, Steve & Barry’s, winter 2007. Wow. I forgot that Bitten ever existed until I looked inside this cap to remember where I bought it. Do you remember? It was a discount clothing line ostensibly designed by Sarah Jessica Parker, and available exclusively from Steve & Barry’s. That’s right: the now defunct college sports paraphernalia store. They had very cute things at troublingly low prices. I probably paid $4.99 for this cap. Basically all of my hats were purchased between November 2007 and January 2008. In December of 2007 I shaved my head, and I thought the hats would help me through the winter in style. The cruel, O. Henry-like irony is that many of these hats only look cute over hair.
  • Teal turtleneck, Saline Goodwill, purchased September 2012. This turtleneck has gathered wrists and little pleats at the neck for extra fanciness. Because as Nora Ephron and Vera-Ellen know, there’s nothing women want more than a pleated neck.
  • Burgundy/purple sweater vest, GAP, September 2010. This is another one of those love-hate things. This vest, embellished with pouchy, bulky pockets, stops at the very widest possible part of my body. I probably couldn’t design something less flattering for my body type. Well, except for that giant, bulky, yellow actual men’s sweater vest. That one is indeed worse, and at my last closet switcheroo, I made the bold decision to re-donate it to Goodwill. This one, though, I love and wear all the time. Shrug.
  • Black Ralph Lauren Jeans, Ann Arbor Thrift Shop, purchased Spring 2013. I love these pants, even though they caused me to recently find myself at the airport, dressed identically to my 60-ish-year-old male co-worker. Black jeans are back! Right….? Hrm. Maybe it’s just that these are the only pair of jeans I have that fit me appropriately right now. Funny what a difference that makes!
  • Purple Docs, some shoe store, Oxford, September 2013. What on earth did I wear on my feet before I had these? No idea.
  • Blue, green & purple pashmina, Roman street vendor, December 2004. This was a classic upsell. I was looking at a plain, small, thin blue scarf, and the vendor sneakily pushed this one into my line of sight. It cost twice as much. Totally worth it.
A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be.

God bless us, every one!


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