At the Christmas Party Hop

Photo on 12-10-13 at 10.53 AM #2Oh, what to wear for the annual workplace holiday party, on a bitterly freezing day?

  • Red turtleneck, Old Navy, ca. 2010. This is one of like five turtlenecks that I basically wear every day, under everything, in the winter. The turtle is starting to come detached from the rest of the shirt, so clearly I need to invest in some replacements. This is such a nice, festive shade of red–I hope I can find another one like it!
  • Gray sweaterdress, Calvin Klein, gift from my mother-in-law, ca. 2011. Of all the gray sweaterdresses my MIL has given me (and there are many), I think this is my favorite. At first it was my least favorite. I felt like a pilgrim the first time I put it on. But it is so warm, and so silky-soft, and I really appreciate that it is long enough and loose enough that I don’t have to ask myself every time I put it on, “Should I really be wearing pants under this?”. Winner for sure.
  • Red belt, purchased for $.25 at the neighborhood yard sale, 2012. Faux snakeskin, FTW!
  • Gray tights, stocking stuffer from my mother-in-law, 2011.
  • High-heeled gray faux suede Oxfords, Target clearance, winter 2012

The sad news is that I also intended to wear this incredibly ostentatious rhinestone brooch, once my grandma’s, that looks more or less like a giant, sparkly snowflake. I planned to put it on when I got to work because I didn’t want it to get bent, damaged, or caught on my coat. But then I forgot it in the car. I realized what I’d done about halfway to the office door, but was too cold to turn back (and too irritated to face Main St. again). 😦


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