December 12: Blue Christmas

When I was watching Mixed Nuts earlier this month and Blue Christmas started playing (signifying doom and despair for all), I thought to myself, “It’s amazing, this is such a quintessentially Elvis song. No one else could ever pull this off.” Aaaaaaaaand then I looked up the movie soundtrack and realized I was listening to…..Leon Redbone?:

Check out those awesome CD cases! And that set!

Um. What? No, I don’t think so. This cannot be what I heard in the movie. Maybe they couldn’t get the rights to the Elvis version for the soundtrack, so the soundtrack doesn’t actually match what plays in the movie…..? I may have band-deafness for Train (I drive Sam nuts by asking “Is this Train?” to allllmost every song on the radio), but surely not for Elvis….

Wow, he he looks like he is working really hard to hold himself together here. And those hot lights and leather jacket aren’t doing him any favors.

There can only be one King! Or can there? New on the internet this week, this Quebecois kid who sounds like Elvis (unless the whole thing is a hoax, which it may well be):

Two thoughts:

  1. This kid looks distractingly like a guy I went to high school with
  2. Pretty sure that guy behind him in the Redwings shirt is a real life version of the manager from Love Actually. Presumably he is recruiting this kid for next year’s Michigan Elvis Fest!

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