Red-Dressed Reindeer

Photo on 12-19-13 at 12.24 PM #2Yesterday was Office Holiday Party Part II: the Return of the Antipasto Platter. I wore my first Modcloth purchase, on a field of black:

  • Long-sleeved black t-shirt, Old Navy, ca. 2009(?). This one has seen better days and is due for replacement. It’s now basically “light black” (which I think my brother claimed as his favorite color once when he was very young), and the elastic in the sleeves is destroyed.
  • Coach Tour Dress in Rouge, ModCloth, December 2013. I’m totally pleased with this purchase. Even though I don’t own anything else quite like this–and very little red at all!–it somehow looks so much like something I would own that it doesn’t even feel new. It’s weighty and soft–very nice for winter–but the fabric seems like it will snag easily, which means I will snag it the next time I wear it. There are little belt details on the sides, though you can barely see them in this picture.
  • Skinny black pants, gift from my mother-in-law ca. 2011
  • Black BareTraps ankle boots, DSW, Fall 2012. Or, as I like to call them, DeathTraps. I need to get these re-heeled or something–they’ve crossed the threshold where the bottom of the heel is now rounded instead of flat, and every step becomes treacherous–as I learned the hard way yesterday, when I twisted my ankle, not at the gym, not trudging through the snow, but opening the door of the office refrigerator.  (Update: Facebook is now showing me ads of non-slip shoes for work…)

People have been sending me links to ModCloth on a weekly basis for at least the last two to three years, but I’ve never taken the plunge until this month. Talk about playing it safe. Shouldn’t my first ModCloth purchase have been something more like this? (OK, that one may be coming soon to a librarian near you…)

Anyway, the trouble is the user reviews. Well, not the trouble–I’m grateful for them, for they often reveal that while the stylized images of the dresses always look glamorous, the color is often off, the quality/fabric/weight of the dress is poor, or the dress is waaaaay shorter than it originally appears on the (legless) mannequin.

I want to be clear that this is by no means true for all of ModCloth’s products–many seem to be beautiful beautiful and receive rave reviews. But since I’m already very gun shy about buying clothes online and very bad at efficiently returning things that don’t work for me, I’ve (until now) been content just to look.

But I’d been just looking at the Coach Tour dress for months, so when it went on sale, I went for it. It was a good way to break the ice with ModCloth! I’ll be back.

Do you like my shiny headband? My mom got me this, probably from the grocery store. Or maybe Charming Charlie. Please don't be troubled by my zombie-like stare.

Do you like my shiny headband? My mom got me this, probably from the grocery store. Or maybe Charming Charlie. Please don’t be troubled by my zombie-like stare.


6 thoughts on “Red-Dressed Reindeer

  1. I DO like your shiny headband. And your ModCloth dress. I have also been afraid of ordering from them for a long time – almost took the plunge with some leggings last week but was likewise thrown off by reviews that were all over the map (best leggings ever! Hole after one wear!)

    • Thanks! Yeah, ModCloth customer satisfaction really seems to be all over the map. That doesn’t seem like a great thing, especially for an online-only business. It seems like they are very responsive in terms of dealing with returns, etc., though. But that puts all the burden on me to put things back in the mail! No thanks. I’d rather only bring things into my home that I know for sure I want.

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    • This does totally look like a ‘nock frock. No wonder I feel so fancy in it! 😉 I have no clue who made it, but will check it out when I get home.

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