The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment Part III: Fully Committed

OK, so we gave up on our first attempt at cloth diapers, and then settled into a good routine. But our stash was a little too small to keep the babe in cloth all the time, without 1-2 days off for laundry cycles and drying. And, my very favorite diaper (the GroVia Hybrid) we had only one of. I wanted more. MORE! So as the next (and final?) step in building our cloth diaper stock, I purchased:

This added to our stash 3 additional hybrid diaper shells (I went for snaps rather than hook & loop closures this time), two extra easy snap-in soakers, and 12 prefold diapers.

This is where the “economy” piece of this package kicks in: for under $100, you get up to 12 diaper changes here. This is so important, and I did not understand it at first, AT ALL. At first glance, this looks like $100 for three diapers. How is that a good deal? But here is the thing: you can just keep re-using these three covers with fresh prefolds inside until they get poop on them or you decide human decency demands that they be washed.

For comparison, a 12-pack of GroVia All-in-One diapers is $259, and a 12-pack of Hybrid diapers with the snap-in soakers is $385. Boom: ECONOMY.

So I was pleased to save some money, and figured I’d just learn to how deal with these weird-ass-old-fashioned-diaper-squares. Here’s what I did not expect: these weird-ass-old-fashioned-diaper-squares are just BETTER. In practically every way.  Continue reading


The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment Part II: Fresh Start

OK, so, it turns out that buying a bunch of secondhand diapers on the cheap might not be a great idea. But, I wasn’t ready to give up on the whole cloth concept. So, hedging my bets, I purchased the following:

But guess what? If you want to do this at home, without hiring a service, you also need a bunch of other stuff. Luckily, we got a ton of it for free (mostly, I gather, from co-workers who briefly attempted and then gave up on cloth….):

So, for those keeping track, in Part II of this adventure, we invested about $150 (including shipping), but we probably have more like $350 worth of merch. Here’s my take on the goods themselves:  Continue reading