The things we carry

Here’s one thing I didn’t anticipate about parenthood: that I would take so many pictures of the inside of my house. One thing that I’ve really noticed is all the stuff in these pictures.  I feel like it’s common to look back at pictures of grandparents and say, “I remember that table! That rug!” but what about the books? The gadgets? The garbage? This stuff shines a light in the corners of who we are and what we do. How we spend our money and our time. How we construct our space at this moment in our lives.

An observant viewer could pull a life out of this background. And since I am no minimalist (ha!), there are plenty of clues. Here are some of the more telling examples.


And in the fourth year, it rose again from the dead

Today I reap the benefits of my own laziness and procrastination, by reclaiming from the trunk of Sam’s car a sweater I tried to donate to Goodwill in 2009. Huzzah!

Photo 298

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