No I would never coordinate my outfit with an infant’s what are you even talking about


Snazz Matazz

This is my first week back in the office full time. And yesterday, my co-worker told me I looked “snazz matazz”:


“And with a kid on my arm I’m still an exceptional earner” ~Britney

  • Luna Claire dress, purchased at a boutique in uptown Normal, IL, gift from my mother-in-law ca. 2014. This dress has a super wide neckline and low cut back. In the past, I always found this a frustrating reason not to wear it. I have to have excellent posture all the time or it slips off my shoulders, and I HAVE to wear a tank top under it. But today, I discovered that this is a feature, not a bug. Is it unexpectedly hot out? Just push the neckline off your sholulders, shimmy out of the bodice, and and tie the sleeves around your waist. Boom!
  • Navy “tami” tank top, Old Navy, 2013. Because it’s necessary, as above.
  • Purple 3/4-length-sleeve shrug, Coldwater Creek, 2007. This was purchased to wear over a strapless dress for my college graduation. Waste not want not! Don’t remember the last time I wore this, but it comes in handy. Just dug it out of the “summer box” was reminded of its existence last week..
  • Navy tights, Meijer or something, 2014. By the end of the day it was waaaaaay too hot for tights, but needed them in th echilly
  • Purple Doc Martens, Oxford, 2013. Don’t leave home without ’em!
  • Babe! 2015. This is after we picked her up from daycare, where she was stripped of her long-sleeved onesie layer and socks. Who needs ’em?

Normally navy and purple is probably not a thing I would do. But I followed the dress’s lead and we all survived.

Tartan it up

Photo on 1-10-14 at 9.55 AM #2Thanks to the polar vortex, from Saturday-Thursday last week I wore basically the same uniform of scarf-turtleneck-sweatdress-skinny jeans-snowboots every day. But then on Friday, the universe thawed out just enough for me to try something a little different.

  • Plaid jacket, Christopher & Banks, thrifted by my mother-in-law, handed off to me December 2013.  This jacket is an XL. Not quite sure how that works, except as an object lesson that sizes are meaningless. I did look up Christopher & Banks, though, and it looks like they have lines for misses (what are misses, exactly? I’ve never really understood that) and petites, so maybe that’s what this is. The sleeves are a touch short…
  • Blue ponte fit’n’flare dress, Old Navy, Janary 2014. My favorite fit and fabric for casual dresses in the universe. So comfortable, so flattering. Basically I buy one of these every time I walk into Old Navy.
  • Yellow belt, neighborhood yard sale spring 2012. I think I paid $.50 for it. One of the few belts I really like to wear. What do you do with dresses and belts, though? How do you stop the tail from flapping around?
  • Black fleece-lined tights, Meijer, fall 2013. Just buy a dozen of these for yourself and everyone you know.

Photo on 1-10-14 at 9.54 AM

  • Red suede boots, on clearance at DSW, January 2014. Originally priced around $100, they were 50% off, and then another 30% off of that. As marched around DSW like I owned the place, Sam said, “$35 for something that makes you that happy? Seems like a good deal.” He doesn’t like shopping and he doesn’t like spending money and he doesn’t care for shoes. Which is why I usually go to DSW by myself. So we just hit on a lucky day, I guess.
  • Unfortunate flipped out hair. Sigh. 

Red-Dressed Reindeer

Photo on 12-19-13 at 12.24 PM #2Yesterday was Office Holiday Party Part II: the Return of the Antipasto Platter. I wore my first Modcloth purchase, on a field of black:

  • Long-sleeved black t-shirt, Old Navy, ca. 2009(?). This one has seen better days and is due for replacement. It’s now basically “light black” (which I think my brother claimed as his favorite color once when he was very young), and the elastic in the sleeves is destroyed.
  • Coach Tour Dress in Rouge, ModCloth, December 2013. I’m totally pleased with this purchase. Even though I don’t own anything else quite like this–and very little red at all!–it somehow looks so much like something I would own that it doesn’t even feel new. It’s weighty and soft–very nice for winter–but the fabric seems like it will snag easily, which means I will snag it the next time I wear it. There are little belt details on the sides, though you can barely see them in this picture.
  • Skinny black pants, gift from my mother-in-law ca. 2011
  • Black BareTraps ankle boots, DSW, Fall 2012. Or, as I like to call them, DeathTraps. I need to get these re-heeled or something–they’ve crossed the threshold where the bottom of the heel is now rounded instead of flat, and every step becomes treacherous–as I learned the hard way yesterday, when I twisted my ankle, not at the gym, not trudging through the snow, but opening the door of the office refrigerator.  (Update: Facebook is now showing me ads of non-slip shoes for work…) Continue reading

You look like you’re going to the stables later.

I was going to title this post, “I looked fantastic on Tuesday.” But then a co-worker gave me this much more colorful interpretation of my ensemble: “You look like you’re going to the stables later.”

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