At Clog Last…

Photo on 5-26-16 at 10.50 PM #3Great news! I finally got some clunky, Danish-style clogs. So I guess I can (finally!) be a real librarian now.

What I’m wearing:

  • J.Jill taupe jersey blazer thing, gift from MIL ca. 2012
  • Burgundy swingy tank top thing, Target, 2006 (oh God this tank top is 10 years old probably not OK to wear to work…)
  • Black linen cropped pants, Old Navy, 2016
  • Sanita “Professional Dream Work” (a-what now?) clog in in red

These shoes come in European sizes and I am almost certain I should have sized up. I normally wear 8 1/2. Tried a “40,” which seemed like the right conversion, but it felt like a boat on my foot, so went 39, which at least stayed on. But now after a day of wear, they seem pretty snug. Oh well: we’ll let ’em break in, stretch, etc.

Last night at DSW I was supposed to be getting new gym shoes, but I put them back in order to justify purchasing these.

I felt remarkably steady on my feet this morning as I crashed down the steps with three bags and a toddler on my hip, but then, wouldn’t you know it, later in the day I completely tripped and rolled my ankle while carrying nothing at all. So, you know. Walking: still dangerous.


Chameleon in Boots!

ImageI’ve lived in Michigan for close to 7 years (and in Illinois all the years before that), and just bought the first actual snow boots of my adult life. I’ve been (not) getting by with hot pink galoshes with a threadbeare fuzzy lining, courtesy of Meijer, since 2006.

These are Ahnu Northridge boots, 30% off today at REI. On the pricey side, but the whole idea is that these will carry me through the next 5-10 years.

Here’s what I like about them:

  • Purple!
  • Lots of nylon and rubber, so I actually believe that they are waterproof (unlike all the Keens and Merrells I looked at. I believe them when they say those will keep your feet dry, but not that the leather won’t soak up the water and salt and rot away….)
  • No ridonkulous giant furry trim around the top.
  • They come up high enough. We have about 10 inches of snow on the ground right now. We’re getting 12 more tomorrow. Why do they even bother selling “snow boots” that barely cover your ankles? What’s the point?
  • They supposedly have “eVent” technology to efficiently wick sweat away from your feet. We’ll see.
  • Promising traction and very comfy for walking.

As a bonus triumph, these were the last pair on the clearance table. I snatched them on sight and even though they appear to be a half size too big for me, they fit perfectly (especially if I happen to be wearing very thick socks, which I usually am).

We’re supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow, so the timing couldn’t be better. Bring it on!

OK, going to take the dog out for a walk now and test them on the rugged sidewalks (no, really) of our gentle city. Happy tromping, one and all!

Post-walk update: These are the best! My feet are toasty and dry, I walked through the deepest snow I could find and it didn’t reach the tops, and they even braced my stupid ankle, which I twisted two and a half weeks ago, but which still hurts when my foot flexes a lot trying to walk over the snow.


This post was supposed to be about leggings but instead it is mostly going to be about light.

I’m already noticing that the mornings are getting darker. 😦 is not a strong enough emoticon to convey my feelings about this.

Some of it is an illusion I think. Or, not an illusion–it is darker–but the darkness is temporary/circumstantial darkness rather than solar/planetary/seasonal/latitudinal darkness. It’s been pretty overcast and rainy for the last week or so, and also our house is basically under a giant old tree, which is now fully leafed out. With giant, deep purple leaves, no less.

This is really nice in the summer, actually–Or would be, in a hot summer unlike this one–because the shade keeps the house really cool during the day. But it also makes things pretty dark in the morning.

So, this meditation on shade is partly me whining about sunlight and darkness, which as you know is something I obsess about basically all the time, but also a set up explaining why, in the pictures below where I’m trying to show off my two different pairs of cropped leggings, you can’t actually tell them apart:

Photo 245 Continue reading

Beige linings playbook

I wore those little liner things with my shoes yesterday:


Daisy, you will notice, is not wearing paw liners.

 I am so torn about these things. I’ve always hated the way they look. I think they’re sloppy and dorky and, at least with pumps or ballet flats, they always show (I bought them in the first place to wear with lace up oxford-type shoes, where they really wouldn’t show…but that is another post).

And don’t tell me no one even notices them because I always notice when other people wear them and I think they look sloppy and dorky on them, too.

I mean, umm….

Nope, not going to pretend that’s not true. I am here, judging your shoe liners.

But. Boy howdy do these things serve a purpose. They are so comfortable. No sweaty, blistery feet for me! At the end of the day, I threw them in the laundry, and my feet were more or less clean!

Do you use these things? How do you feel about them?


Having a lie down after dinner. This is the life.