Here you’ll find adventures and misadventures in learning to dress oneself, raising dogs and cats, evolving into some kind of competent professional and functional human, chopping off all of one’s hair, navigating adult family relationships, and other miscellanea.

I don’t address any of this with any particular knowledge or skill. If there’s a common thread through any of it, it’s my ongoing quest to learn what I like, what works, and where they intersect.

I live in Michigan, in the part of the hand that you use if you want to break your attacker’s nose.

chameleoninboots is the AIM screenname I devised as a sophomore in college when I decided it was time to reinvent my….away messages (it was a big decision, let me tell you). It was my first semester back on campus after studying abroad. I had new boots and–I thought–a transformative, sophisticated new understanding of the world.

I still have the boots. The rest has continued to change.